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[20 Oct 2015|12:15am]

application for [info]wariscomingmod [30 Nov 2014|12:32am]

hale santiago: war is coming )

DROPBOX [07 May 2014|11:46pm]
All comments are screened.

[07 May 2014|10:41pm]
Click. )

Hale's Memories for [info]valar [03 Aug 2013|12:02am]
Hale's Memories. )

[31 Jul 2013|12:18am]
Kenzi, you are not my friend. You've never been just a friend. )

[09 Jul 2013|03:54pm]
application )

Application for [info]welcomemod [26 Jun 2013|11:19pm]
You ever pull a stunt like this again, I'll personally rip your head off and shove it up your little white ass. This detente is too important to be screwed up by some petty feud. Am I clear? )

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